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Long-term Vision

Upon the release of our medium-term management plan, we have formulated two missions to be achieved roughly in 10 years, and four basic strategies to realize these missions.
We will continue to contribute to society through niche markets by leveraging our technological strengths, while positioning the realization of a sustainable society as an opportunity to create new value, with the aim of enhancing our corporate value. 

10 Year Vision

Continue contributing to society by leveraging our technological capabilities in niche markets
Engage in new value creation and problem-solving aimed at realizing a sustainable society
Basic Strategies
Practice capital efficient management
Secure a competitive advantage through technology-initiative
Promote ESG-focused management that aims to realize a sustainable society
Reinforce our business base by expanding worldwide business ; increasing gloval sales


In order to achieve this long-term vision, we have created a roadmap divided into three general phases.
The next three years have been positioned as a period of sowing the seeds for future growth, realizing a steady recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and preparing a foundation for cultivating our existing businesses, technologies, and overseas business.
Then, within five years, we intend to move into a basic growth phase by building a profit structure and beginning to reap results from new businesses, as well as by establishing strategies for overseas markets.
Through these seed-sowing and basic growth phases, we aim to be in a position to harvest the results in 10 years' time, which includes increasing capital efficiency and earning capacity, as well as realizing an ideal balance of domestic and overseas profits, in order to achieve our vision as an excellent company.

Growth Scenario and Position in 10 Years

Strategic Direction

We are centering our business activities on the three basic strategies of technology leadership, ESG-focus, and overseas expansion with the aim of achieving sustainable growth through management with a focus on capital efficiency.

Strategic Direction

In our overseas development, we will establish business locations and cultivate customer bases in regions where GDP growth is expected with the goal of realizing local production for local consumption.
In regard to capital investment, we will spend about 60% of total investment capital on strategic investments in areas such as product development and the establishment of business locations, and we will actively allocate funds toward realizing a sustainable society.
We will also strive to provide stable and ongoing shareholder return in line with business performance through dividends.

Overseas Development Policy
Carry out balanced business development in countries experiencing high GDP growth
-Promote local production for local consumption and enhance overseas business locations-
Capital Investment Policy
Invest about 60% of a total ¥15 billion as strategic investments such as establishing strategic products and business locations
Invest about 40% as general investments such as maintaining and upgrading existing facilities
Out of the total invested as both strategic and general investments, about 40% should be spent on developing facilities in a sustainable manner
Dividend Policy
Steadily implement stable and ongoing shareholder return in line with business performance
Maintain a sound financial standing while prioritizing spending on growth and the environment
Target dividend payout ratio is around 20-30%