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Management Policy and Indicators

The Company and its affiliates have established the following policy with respect to management as the basis of our business activities. In addition, we have set a common goal for management indicators and are working toward its achievement. Through these efforts, we strive to grow even further in our global business activities.

Management Policy

We aspire  to be a tech-oriented solutions company that responds to changes in the environment with precision and that provides products and services that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. We have established the following three policies with the aim of further creating corporate value through the achievement of profit targets that take sustainable growth and capital cost into account.

Three policies for creating sustainable growth and medium- to long-term corporate value 1.Secure a competitive advantage through leading technology
2.Advance reforms that aim to raise corporate value through ESG-focused management
3.Reinforce our business base by expanding overseas business

Secure a Competitive Advantage Through Leading Technology

We have re-evaluated  our technology using technology management methods and are working to combine open innovation, synergy between segments, and intellectual property strategy, with contribution to meeting social needs (ESG) as the utmost priority. In this way, we will advance the technological development of the three core technologies we already possess based on assessments of market scale, profitability, and growth potential.

Utmost Priorities
  • Environmental harmony
  • ESG
  • SDGs
  • Open innovation
  • Synergy between segments
  • Intellectual property strategy

Assessment of market scale, profitability, and growth potential

Further technological development of three core technologies

Development will be concentrated on the two newly developed fields of "IT and electronics" and "life sciences and personal care" as well as "mobility" and "packaging," two fields that are continuing to develop. We will actively invest funds and manpower into these fields in order to build a tech-oriented framework with the aim of securing a competitive advantage through leading technology.
This will enable us to increase our social contribution through differentiated products and enhanced quality, while at the same time ensuring profitability.

Newly Developed Fields
  • IT and electronics
  • Life sciences and personal care
Continuing to Develop Fields
  • Mobility
  • Packaging

Build a tech-oriented framework

Increase social contribution while ensuring profitability

Newly Developed Fields

IT and Electronics: Electrically conductive materials, secondary battery materials, antistatic materials, heat dissipation materials, pigments and dispersion liquids for inkjet inks, functional polymers
Life sciences and personal care: Biodegradable fine particles,Functional materials for cosmetics

Continuing to Develop Fields

Mobility: Polyurethane, acrylic, and silicone synthetic resins, high function compounds
Packaging: New barrier materials, recyclable inks

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Advance Reforms that Aim to Raise Corporate Value Through ESG-focused Management

Our ESG engagement involves identifying important issues that need tackling throughout the Group's entire supply chain. We are advancing initiatives that cover every stage of a product's lifecycle, from the procurement of raw materials to the disposal of used products, including developing and promoting sales of products that contribute to ESG, addressing climate change, promoting resource recycling, encouraging further social contribution by stakeholders, and strengthening corporate governance.

ESG Engagement - Important Supply Chain Issues

  • Developing and promoting sales of products that contribute to ESG
  • Addressing climate change
  • Promoting resource recycling
  • Encouraging further social contribution
  • Strengthening corporate governance

Reinforce Our Business Base by Expanding Overseas Business

Sources that drive the Group's profit and growth are found in both Japan and overseas. Based on the recognition that we need to practice balanced business development in countries that are experiencing high GDP growth, we will make raising the ratio of overseas sales a continuous target to be achieved through the following measures.

Promote local production for local consumption and enhance overseas business locations

  • Create new businesses

Focus on raising the ratio of overseas sales as a continuous target

Focus on raising the ratio of overseas sales as a continuous target

Promote Local Production for Local Consumption and Enhance Overseas Business Locations
Under the slogan of "local production for local consumption," we will enhance overseas production locations, both existing and new, with the goal of developing products that are doing well in Japan for overseas markets. We will also modify locations to enable them to produce a wide range of products so that we can further cultivate local customer bases and grow local sales. We are targeting the growth market of macromolecular polymer products, which includes adhesives for soft packaging materials, with a view to realizing local production in order to fully enter the market.

Create New Businesses

We are targeting development in markets for high value-added products in Europe and North America. Going forward we will carefully consider options for realizing local production, including M&As.

Management Indicators

As a tech-oriented solutions company that responds to changes in the environment with precision and that provides products and services that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, we are focusing on business profitability and capital efficiency. Accordingly, we have set a return on assets (ROA) of 5% and return on equity (ROE) of 9% as our medium- to long-term management targets.