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A Message from Our Head of R&D Structure

We will advance the development of three core technologies with the aim of building a tech-oriented framework

Dainichiseika Group believes the creation of new value and social contribution are essential in order to realize continuous growth. Therefore, we are actively engaging in research and development activities to reinforce our business base so that we can respond swiftly within a changing economic environment and to become a chemicals manufacturer that can propose solutions to customers' issues.

We have re-evaluated our technology using technology management methods and are working to combine open innovation, synergy between segments, and intellectual property strategy, with contribution to meeting social needs (ESG) as the utmost priority. In this way, we will advance the technological development of our three core technologies-pigment synthesis and surface treatment, formulation and dispersion processing, and polymer synthesis- based on assessments of market scale, profitability, and growth potential.

We have also reconsidered the four fields we were particularly focused on (the environment, energy, personal care, and IT and electronics) and going forward, we will concentrate development on two newly developed fields-1) IT and electronics and 2) life sciences and personal care- and two fields that are continuing to develop- 3) mobility and 4) packaging. We will actively invest funds and manpower into these fields in order to build a tech-oriented framework with the aim of securing a competitive advantage through leading technology. This will enable us to increase our social contribution through differentiated products and enhanced quality, while at the same time ensuring profitability.

Representative Senior Executive Director, Head of R&D Structure
Representative Senior Executive Director, Head of R&D Structure
Yoshitaka Koshiro

Priority Research Themes for Contribution to ESG, SDGs, and Environmental Harmony

Newly Developed Markets

  1. Functional Materials for IT and Electronics
    Development of functional materials and information display/recording materials that contribute to decarbonization and the development of an information society
    • □ Electrically conductive materials
    • □ Secondary battery materials
    • □ Antistatic materials
    • □ Heat dissipation materials
    • □ pigments and dispersion liquids for inkjet inks
    • □ Functional polymers
  2. Life Sciences and Personal Care
    Development of biomass-derived cosmetics and healthcare materials that contribute to the elimination of microplastics
    • □ Biodegradable fine particles
    • □ Cosmetics materials

Continued development markets

  1. Mobility
    Development of internal and external coating materials that contribute to making vehicles lighter and more functional
    • □ Polyurethane resins
    • □ Acrylic resins
    • □ Silicone resins
    • □ High function compounds
  2. Packaging
    Development of packaging materials that contribute to reducing food loss and realizing circular economies
    • □ New barrier materials
    • □ Recyclable inks

Ethical Research Activities and the Management of Public Research Funds

We are building an appropriate framework for the management and allocation of public research funds in order to prevent unethical behavior in research activities. Inquiries regarding ethical research activities can be made through the For Other Inquiries form on the Inquiries page.