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Advanced Polymers Division

Providing polyurethane and functional resins for industries

We develop, produce, and sell urethane resins and colorants used for synthetic leather and molded products, special coating agents and adhesives that impart functionality, and imide resins representing heat-resistant resins.
Through resin synthesis technologies using condensation, addition, and co-polymerization technologies*1, combined with dispersion and processing technologies, we produce various functional materials, meeting the needs of customers across a wide range of business from industries and in daily life.

  • *1 These refer to different basic reactions for producing polymers. Co-polymerization allows for the polymerization of two or more types of monomers simultaneously, allowing for alteration of the properties that are different from single-component polymers.

Features and advantages

  • We have a strong record in developing original products through our synthesizing, dispersion and mixing technologies.
  • With production bases in Taiwan, China and the United States, we respond to our customers’ global strategies.
  • We have achieved high levels of customer satisfaction by integrating sales, production and technology.
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