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Corporate Philosophy

Dainichiseika group declare the followings as its corporate philosophy:

Corporate Philosophy

  • Have an interest in people
  • Have an interest in something new
  • Have an interest in the future


Man is interesting,
then customers as well as companies are constituted of such men.
All the economic principles and the management theories are based upon human behavior pattern.
Have an interest in people.

New things always excite us to expectation.
Customers, marketplaces are dug up with technical innovation & product development,
which makes people active.
Have an interest in something new.

It is pleasant to imagine the future.
The future is in favor of children. Thinking of the future,
we know companies as well as people shall not live all alone.
Without customers’ growth, albeit some profit is brought to us, it would never last long.
In consequence, neither we nor companies can keep alive unless admitted into the society.
Have an interest in the future.

Meanwhile, we have kept a business creed “Full Achievement” established in 1968. Being proud of this traditional creed, we shall abide by it along with the corporate philosophy set forth.

Our business creed, “Full Achievement”


Under our business creed “Full Achievement” each of us shall set to work with modest pride as a member of Dainichiseika group taking on the responsibility for *1 Color-Age.

  • Work always to be achieved with aiming at the end.
  • Pursue the opportunities of expanding our products to the world with good knowledge of products.
  • Enhance the trust of our company through business or products.
  • Have an opportunity to always cultivate ourselves, and to deepen reflection as a member of society.
  • Make Dainichiseika group the most valuable company by performing services for the society through business.

*1 Color-Age : A word coined by the founder of Dainichiseika, which implies a prosperous times led by color technology.

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