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Specialty Colors Division

Providing an extensive range of useful colorants

We develop, produce, and sell colorants for an array of industries through the application of dispersion and processing technology pioneered with the appearance of synthetic fibers. Primarily we supply the market with products such as mass colorants for synthetic fibers*1, pigment printing agents*1 and colorants for paper and construction materials. We have also expanded into the information display and recording materials*2 field.

  • *1 Mass colorants are applied to resins prior to spinning, after which pigment printing agents are used when making prints on the resulting cloth.
  • *2 Materials used for LCD color filters, MFP(Multifunctional Printer) toners, inkjet inks, etc.

Features and advantages

  • By utilizing our fine particle dispersion technology*3 that disperse pigments at the nano-level, as well as combining and mixing technologies that we have developed over many years, we create products with a variety of features, colors and properties. We conduct product development and establish production and sales structures that answer our customers' needs, and so have acquired a high market share in a wide range of fields.
  • *3 A single thread of spun fiber is extremely fine, and therefore mass colorants require even finer pigment particles and the uniform dispersibility.
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