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Pigments Division

Serving industries with pigments

We develop, produce, and sell inorganic, organic*1, and prepared pigments for applications including paints, printing inks and information display and recording materials*2.
As one of the world’s few comprehensive pigment manufacturers, we make environment-friendly products that comply with national and international regulations on chemical substances.

  • *1 The pigments that give rise to color include inorganic pigments consisting of inorganic substances such as metals and organic pigments consist of organic substances. Dispersion and processing technology is essential as both inorganic and organic pigments are insoluble in water and oil, or are else quite hard to dissolve.
  • *2 Materials used for LCD color filters, MFP (Multifunctional Printer) toners, inkjet printer inks, etc.

Features and advantages

  • In addition to our inorganic and organic pigment synthesis technology, we possess a variety of technologies such as micronization and fine-particle control*3 as well as surface treatment. We conduct product development and establish sales structures according to customer needs.
  • *3 Technology that controls the size and shape of pigment particles to make them best suited for various application