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Executive Team

Board of Directors

President & Representative Director Koji Takahashi Officer of the President,
Business Operations Promotion Office,
Secretarial Office, Internal Audits Division,
CSR/ESG Promote Group Headquarters
Chief Information Security Officer
Representative Director & Managing Director Yoshitaka Koshiro General Manager, R&D Structure
Managing Director Keiji Hirota General Manager, Business Promotion Structure /
Personnel & General Affairs Division,
Public Relations Division,
Central Purchasing Division,
Overseas Business Division
Director Masafumi Ichinoseki General Manager, Business Structure /
Pigments Division,
Specialty Colors Division,
Plastic Colors No.1 Division,
New Business Development Division,
Offset Inks Division Administrator
Masahiko Aoba General Manager, Plant Operations Structure /
Plant Operations Headquarters,
Production Plants,
Composite Plant Engineering & Planning Division
Independent Director Hiroyuki Takino
Yoshiaki Nakagawa
Akiko Nagahama

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Audit & Supervisory Board Member Katsuhisa Kawada
Yoshiro Gamo
Independent Audit & Supervisory Board Member Kohei Sato
Hidemi Yamaguchi

As of June 29, 2021