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Basic CSR Policy

Aspiring to new business growth and a sustainable society, we have identified 10 areas to focus on in line with the will of our predecessors. Our whole group strives through our "Basic CSR Policy" to ameliorate these issues under our management’s guidance.

Revised: January 18, 2011

Basic CSR Policy

The principles in this CSR policy are applied to Dainichiseika and the entire Daicolor Group.

[Human rights]

We respect basic human rights and do not support the violation of human rights.


We respect the diversity, personality and individuality of our employees. We make sure opportunities for employment and secure a safe and comfortable work circumstances. We do not engage in forced labors or children's labors.


As an essential topic, we treat the coexistence of natural environment and company. We strive to prevent pollution, effectively use limited resources, preserve and restore the natural environment.


We compete fairly, openly and freely and act in accordance with fair business, and do not engage in any unethical (unlawful) act whatsoever. We also comply with the laws and regulations (and other items agreed upon), nationally and internationally.


We continue to deliver and provide our products and our services that are safe, friendly to environment and beneficial to the society.


Always bearing in mind that we are members of society, we participate in community activities firmly and strive to maintain orderliness and safety of the civil society. We also ensure the appropriate disclosure of information on our corporate activities in public.

[Protection of information]

We ensure the protection of corporate information assets and personal information, which are our treasures.

[Risk control]

We evaluate the results of our businesses regularly so that new risks can be detected at an early stage and strive to eliminate such risks.

[Management resources]

We strive to appropriately distribute management resources, the source of our corporate activities, and to generate profits.


To achieve the herein stated, we continue to provide education to all members of the board and all our employees in our effort in order to elevate the CSR implementation structure.

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